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I sink like a stone, I lost my control

Congratulate me!

Yesterday, I managed to do absolutey nothing, and i'm not even using that phrase lightly. Let's recap... let's see, i woke up at 10, watched tv, went online, slept at 9.30. That's pretty much it! My whole day was spent in front of something that emitted radiation, but it was worth it! ^___^
I think my brother may be right when he said I am the world's biggest couch potato, and all without the help of marijuana. BUT in my defence, I did take walks..... around the living room, but nonetheless, they were still walks.
I wanna watch Initial D... the whole world's seen it, except me. To make things worse, yesterday Australia lost to England by nine wickets!! NINE whole friggin wickets!! What is wrong with those Brits?? Can't they just keep to their soccer? Grr...
On a happier note, JC Ferrero advanced into quarters in Bastad! And I watched House yesterday, cause Channel Ten was kind enough to show it again!! House is soooo good. Kind of like scrubs, but more drama.

Anyway, i'm babbling now, so hope to see you guys soon!
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