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So, its been 3 or so months since my last post, and I figured it would be a good idea if I updated this cobweb ridden piece of… cyberspace.

Here’s the last month in a nutshell. We had our prelims and there was a lot of stress, anxiety, useless crying and paranoia on my part. That’s what I got for being lazy and foolishly thinking that one week of studying would be enough. Prelims finished and post- exam- happiness was shortened when our teachers gave us our results back. Mine were… varied. I blame my poor results on everyone, but me! >_____< After all, its un- Australian not to blame someone right? : D Now that I think about it, watching cricket during my exams probably wasn’t the brightest idea ever. Having said that, cricket was a letdown anyway, so I have no idea what I got all excited for…

Anyhoo, the first week of the holidays was a blast! I went to basketball on Monday which was….yeah… and then I went out on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Friday, me and winnie went to tse ann’s to watch Scrubs. That was fun! Saturday, I went out with my brother, and I missed out on watching Howl’s Moving Castle T_T
This week has been pretty unproductive. I haven’t touched my books. These past couple of days I’ve been waking up, watching tv and sleeping.

What a gripping life I do lead.

That took a lot of effort to write up, I don’t think I’m gonna update again anytime soon. I don’t get how you guys can update so much!
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