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OKay, so I read jenny and jan's entries about yesterday, and it seemed only fair that i wrote my version of it too. : P

SO after school yesterday, i went to the computer room to find Jenny and Jan watching Freddy vs Jason or whatever. Afterwards we embarked on our journey (haha, damn english)to Rockdale library. DUring that time, Jenny and Jan were talking about certain boys, namely Bob and VLAD. Man, it was like listening to a scratched cd which just repeated the word vlad.
So then I had the brilliant idea of dropping my stuff off at home before going to the library, so jenny and jan waited for me at the intersection. Being the very good friend that I am XD, i POWERWALKED all the way home, and powerwalked back to the intersection. Yes, that's right... um,powerwalked....
We stopped at a eatery place where Jenny very kindley bought me and jan ice creams!! Then we got to the library at around 4 and spent the first half hour reading VOgue, Donna Hay, Rolling Stones etc. Jenny was writing in her little black book- quotes i think- and talking to us at the same time. So er... i can't really remember but they were talking about vlad and then i said something along the lines of "you guys like vlad a lot" or something, and then jenny starts giggling and says that she'll quote me and subsequently wrote down in her little book "Anna: ''" Yeah, so i DIDN'T say i like vlad.

Jan seemed to suddenly sprout a conscience and wanted desperately to do work. So me and her trotted off out of the kids section where we were sitting to the main area. We looked at the computers for a little bit and then we looked at the dvd stand/rack thingys. Afterwards we decided to go off and actually look for the books we looked. I think Jan flung her arms around me or soemthing and then she tripped over my foot, and because she was attached to me, i sorta tripped as well. But it was okay, we didn't stack it or anything.
So we got to the books section and it was all fine and everything, and then Jan suddenly grabs me and whispers in that really scary voice of hers, "omg, that guy keeps following us" And there was! So we both sorta freaked out and then jan LEFT ME!! She left me with a potential maniac!! Afterwards i scampered off after her, scared as hell, and jan pointed out that the guy followed us again. But this time, he went out of the library. So when the coast was clear, we went back to where Jeni was and told her about the scary man. Then Jenny and Jan went off while i minded the stuff and they came back saying that there was this really cute guy. IT was teh guy in teh blue shirt that me and jan saw before. So all of us went out again to look for books and to look at this cute guy and er... kinda made fools of ourselves. VERy very big, giggling fools.

Then Jenny and Jan had this brilliant idea that they were going to FRIGGIN GIVE MY BLOODY EMAIL to that boy. She wrote it on a piece of paper and i grabbed it, and then jan grabbed it back, then i grabbed jan's leg but she kept walking. Okay, so I thought, they walk out just to piss me off (cause i was pretty peeve d off by then) but then they'll come back. But then when they came back they told me that THEY'D ACTUALLY GIVEN IT TO HIM!!
So i got pissed again, and went and sat in between teh bookshelves, and then jan came over and did something and then i laughed and jenny thought i was smiling... ? I dunno, then afterwards we did a bit of work, and then we left cause it was so very unrpoductive and then i said i hate you to jan a couple of times, and then i made jan help me post the letters.

So that was it! One extremely long post.. and as kaz would say a pile of suck.
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