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It's bizarre. I'm thinking of updating my lj every so often now. I was thinking, I'm in year 12, and I should probably recount my experiences in the hell-hole that is year 12 for future reflection. Memories are funny things aren't they?

Okay, so last wednesday was Jan's birthday. We gave her cds, and cash, and got hugs all around. Thursday we had our 4 Unit exam... a pile of suck as always. I don't see why we need to do 4 exams in 3 terms, its baffling.
Friday was same old same old. Nothing special happened, except we got our reports back. Mixed results... parents still haven't seen report yet. I told them about it, they just forgot to read it hahaha. Strange how my parents are opposite to everybody else's. Instead of them badgering me to see my report, its the other way around.
Which leads me to wonder... how awesome would it be to be able to travel back in time?? I mean, we could live in any period we like... like i dunno, 18th century England, with guys in their gentlemanly glory.

Bought Pride and prejudice DVD a while back, first DVD I bought with my own money. Okay, i absolutely love that movie, its made of awesome, no matter what anyone says. XD
Currently reading Tse Ann's copy of Da Vinci Code. Its quite good, and I wanna see the movie. Audrey Tatou is pretteh!
This new comedy on ABC is showing on Mondays... cool. And I miss Cutting it! T_T

Saturday Dr Du coaching pains me so... especially since some people there are annoying. Don't they ever stop??? @_@
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