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I do, my beautiful television set, I do.

SO who here is just PISS ANNOYED at the damn conservativeness of asians? I mean, it's cool, but sometimes, it's so gahh... FRUSTRATING!! Take for example, Kurosagi, the Jap series which I initially saw to improve my appalling japanese but which have since entralled me (you have captured my heart yamapi hehehe <3). Even though it's not supposed to be a romance or anything, I still wanted kurosaki to tell the girl that he liked her, cause he SO OBVIOUSLY DOES, but nooooo, that didn't happen, because that would probably be too politically incorrect and over-the-top that it would earn like a 45+ age restriction or something. If they can leave little clues and innuendos, they might as well just openly show it. All the time i was just like "Just fuggin run, hug her, tell you like her and kiss her boy!!!" DANGNABBIT! Gruhhh....

Teehee. I love Yamapi. Maybe like the.... fourth? asian boy that I think is genuinely cute. Awww... he's so adorable and just... ADORABLE! And when I saw that he actually had MEAT on him, I thought I'd die of shock..or happiness. Ahahaha, it's about freaking time that a Japanese "idol" had some meat on him, he should start a revolution. But I digress. Yamapi is made out of awesome BUT i will not revert back into that fangirl-esque oblivion, cause hahaha, i'm cool. : D

I finished all my formal shopping and I am now officially over the formal! I never want to shop ever again. I also have my OWN CRICKET ALBUM yes! It's actually kinda lame, considering I paid $1.60 for the Sunday Telegraph (which apparently is the most read sunday paper in circulation- I thought it was just for bogans)HAHAHAHA, I am teh skip now! OH, I also reached some sort of an epiphany...on the toilet! Well, no not really on the toilet, but I've realised that as we grow older, we become more emotional about things. Whereas once I used to scoff at my mum whenever she cried when watching soapies, I have now become just like my mum. But anyways, I'm looking forward to Tuesday. Not because of the formal, which I'm dreading, but because of the sleepover afterwards!! Can't wait. Dodgy chick flicks and food. Fun.

Yamapi ftw! : D
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