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Can my life suck more?

Its the end of the holidays, and I have done NOTHING! So much for my super diabolical plan at the beggining of the holidays to actually study and do work. There goes my HSC, and my 95+ UAI.
So i need to finish maths 3U and 4U, practise for english, and actually touch my economics stuff (which is probably cobweb-ridden by now).

Anyhoo, these holidays have been pretty boring. I went out twice with my economics buddies to teh state library to look up stuff on China. Stupid China. I remember playing pool with those guys one time, and me totally sucking. I didn't realise it could be so hard to prod a ball with a stick, but hard it is!
Er... I also remember going out with Tse Ann, Kaz, Kaz's little sister and Michelle to the city, I dont' remember for what though.
I saw a couple of movies, namely King Kong, Harry Potter and Narnia. I liked all three, but Harry Potter was the best I think.
Then i stayed home for like, the next couple weeks. NOT that I did anything anyway, I just watched tennis and cricket (and Gilly's awesomeness, and Marto's hotness o^____^o).
More recently, we went to see jenny's NAS exhibition. Jan, Kaz, Tse Ann and Sudipta were there, and yeah. I got to see her artwork, and yeah....
And as if my life didn't suck already, my mum enrolled me in for tutoring. And man... they have a knack for making you feel absolutely shithouse. Walked out of there feeling soooo bad. If I was depressed, that would've been the time where i fetched a knife to commit suicide.

Okay, that was dead tiring to write! But seeing as we're in year 12 now, probably will be my last lj entry for a while. So er.. happy chinese new years to everybody!
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