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so i guess this is goodbye...

The date is the 29th of September 2006, and now, as I sit here in front of my brand spanking new computer, I've come to the awful realisation that i can longer call myself a high school student. For what feels like the first time in my life, I don't have that sense of belonging to a "group"- I'm not a student no more, but I'm not an adult either. So what does all this mean?? It means that Anna finally freaking updates her livejournal with a proper entry, pouring her lil ol' heart out with sentiments and heinously corny stuff.

So these past couple of days have been jampacked with junk, parties, hugs, kisses, newfound frienships and appreciations of everyone and everything, and tears, tears and more tears. Tuesday was probably the beginning of the "end-of-high-school-no-more-4U-maths-yay" excitement, with many pictures being taken in and around the school. I managed to convince Jan to skip legal studies so that we could take photos together to add to our memory bank (which i still maintain you will thank me for Yanning Li, so no whinges about how I made you miss your icecream lesson! :P Love those pictures of your eye by the way, freaky stuff. Wednesday was the day where every single lesson i went to was a party. In the morning, Mr Baker shouted us Macca's brekkie, and just sitting there, eating my chewy yet strangely comforting Bacon and Egg McMuffin was a delight. We were truly the best maths class, and we were taught by one of the most awesome teachers that has come into existence (Mr Baker got 200/195 for his 3U HSC maths, i'm not even kidding, AND he averaged high distinctions at uni in PURE MATHEMATICS). RESPECT! Then it was the PARTY THAT OWNS JUST ABOUT EVERY OTHER PARTY IN THE WORLD we had in Chemistry. 4CH1 4evazzzzzzzzzzzz.
Following that was the less crazy english party, where I gave Mr Simmons his pressie. Since when did i give thank you speeches?!? Well I sucked, and I embarrassed myself by conveniently forgetting to take my lolly bag out of Mr Simmons gift bag... : D I hope he likes the cricket shirt... cause i sure do, and i have pics of me and patricia to prove it : D
Economics party involved us taking pictures, ooh-ing and ahh-ing at Ms Sharp's nice-to-look-at-but-awful-to-eat pavlova, and me eating and drinking Jing's yummo ice cream.
Thursday... was muck up day. I didn't have any cowboy things so I came as a junior. Nothing spectacular, just following the tradition I guess. Our school got egged and someone thought that it would be amusing to pain a gigantic doodle on our canteen wall. Well haha WANKERS. A lesson should be learnt from this: security guards who look like stripppers and who are so thin that a sneeze from a fat guy will blow them over are obviously shithouse. After the graduation rehearsal, we all got out yearbooks, and I guess that's when it sorta sunk in for me. The initial "end-of-high-school-no-more-4U-maths-yay" excitement slowly degenerated into "i-love-everyone-don't-wanna-leave" as I looked at the profiles of all my friends and classmates. HOw was I to leave the place that I had spent so long in? Was I just to say goodnight and go? And then when I read all the messages that people wrote.... that just pretty much did it for me. I got teary, but I told myself not to cry, because I refused to believe that that was the end. I was all good, even made it through the farewell assembly wihtout actually letting a tear out of my eye, but when I saw Winnie crying, I just started bawling. It was a culmination of things, sadness that I was going to leave St George, fear of never seeing some of my friends again, and just full out LOVE for Jaja, Kaz, Winnie, Tse Ann, Michelle, Jeni and Jan (and various other ppl). I think it triggered a domino effect, cause Kaz was crying too.... awww, tears all around! I was an emotional wreck Thursday arvo : (
And today was the day of our graduation. We had mock assembly in the morning, and I was a Yr 11 emo. I hope people realise that i actually do not like emos and I plan to rid the world of the all things emo related. Anyhoo..... me, Jing, Jessica and Christy put on eye make up and whatnot and pretended to hate the world. It was pretty fun, those pictures of me looking sad and spiteful are funny, they'll make awesome memories.
And then it was graduation. Ms Odea's and Briannon's speeches were supersweet and going down memory lane was great. Everyone's changed so much! I told myself that I wouldn't cry, but lo and behold, I did anyway. Everyone around was crying too, and it was great cause NONE of us had tissues. My shirt felt a bit wet... : ( After graduation was the garden party, where mingling and small talk occurred. I harrassed teachers to get their messages, and they're all so sweeeeet! Especially Mr Howden's one, aw, such a sweetie. Got a hug from him too : D Pictures were taken and final goodbye hugs were given. Peculiar that I didn't feel sad about leaving at the garden party... but I did at the graduation ceremony.

I'm just really really glad that I went to school at St George. CORNY I KNOW, but 'tis the truth. Year 12 was AMAZING. I bonded with so many people that I otherwise would not have known, and I have no idea how much I've laughed this year. My cheeks are permanently damaged now. I've gotten to know the teachers more, which I'm really really thankful for. Like who knew that under Mr Baker's cool facade lies a superdork that's just too cute for his own good. And, Ms Sharp is just a kind, committed woman with a heart of gold. Mr Simmons was the best english teacher FULL STOP. Ms Whitehead was the fun-loving, sweet, caring teacher that made chemistry enjoyable. Ms Georgius and Ms Shore deserve a mention too, they've been very tolerant of our ridiculoulsy slack class. I'm going to miss all my teachers. They've been supportive and fabulous!
I guess the main reason I'm supersad is the fact that we're no longer gonna be in this environment anymore. In retrospect (very short retrospect- like 1 day retrospect), high school seems like a breeze. I was surrounded by friends who knew and loved me, and I was a valued and loved member of the grade. Okay.... its SO weird wriitng in past tense. Nothing's gonna be like that anymore. Sad isn't it? To all my friends, thank you soo much for giving me such wonderful memories of both you and of St George. When I'm old and senile, I will reminisce with fondness all the laughs we had, the jokes we made, the fights that we had, the stressing we did and the crazy hysterical fun that we had. You guys will keep me young, innocent and naive at heart, even when I'm so old that I look like a prune.

This surreal feeling is still hanging about like an unwanted aftertaste, but yes, ST GEORGE CLASS OF 2006 IS THE BEST!!! GOODBYE and GOODLUCK St George Girls' High School, I loved you more than you'll ever know.
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September 29 2006, 12:24:12 UTC 11 years ago

hey AnnaH,

sooooo saaaad today. you are so right about everything....
i'm gonna miss all those math lessons with you. and im gonna miss being with you at Dr Du *gasps*.
Take care and keep in touch you banana head.

love you to the long time hehehe,


September 29 2006, 13:03:55 UTC 11 years ago

this is so sad. you've made me depressed all over again. i think ive cried more these past few days than ive cried in the last year. but i didnt cry for you as much because i love you so much that i know we'll stay in touch.
we've had such a good time together these past 6 yrs- remember when i used to copy off you in chinese school?! hahaha
we were so carefree and 'innocent'. its sad to think that its all over, but be positive, ace the hsc- and THEN we'll hang out heaps and heaps watching trashy tv and chick flicks while gossiping about people. sounds like fun yeah?
anyway this feels a bit weird because im writing to you but everyone can read it so ill end it for now.
love kathleen
p.s never though id say this- but st george rox my sox!


September 29 2006, 13:08:03 UTC 11 years ago

Sounds like you had a great time during your last moments at High SchooL! For us, we hardly celebrated with teachers, that was sad... Your time was much better spent!!
It must've been emotional for you because you've been at St. George for 6 years. Unlike me, I've only been at BBC for 4, so there are less things I will miss...
Now, STOP FEELING SAD, you're making me all teary too.
(hopefully, we'll be in the same Uni!!)

gahhh.... did i mention how much i love you guys!!! T__________T

i want a graduation pic wif all of us =\!

btw my internet brokedown
this is winnie at anna's house on her account
awww reading this now makes me feel sad again. Will definitely be writing an essay in ur yearbook. lol. Its weird but the last few days of school was the funnest! .. probably coz we had no class =p

I LOVE you to bits!

LEts hope we'll go to the same uni together, even though i probably wont get into pharmacy =\=\=\=\=\ UGh

ok, i kno this is primary school cliche but FRIENDS FOREVER ANNA!! I am gonna hunt u down and knock on ur door 50 years from now!!!

and yes this is winnie!!!

don't worry, girl, we'll still hang out after and shit.